I'm a 1st year Ph.D. student in computer science at Columbia University working with Prof. Lydia Chilton. I have received an NSF Fellowship to work on building better computational models of language using poetry and creative writing.

But I'm interested in a lot of things. See some of my other work below.


Why Siri Sounds Like a Girl

Tech Essay [site]

May 2017 for SheCanCode


More on my Flickr photostream.

Jellyfish II

September 2016, 3'x3' acrylic on canvas


March 2017, 1'x1' acrylic on canvas

Jellyfish I

June 2016, 6'x3' acrylic on canvas

Nude Mural

This mural is painted in Senior House at MIT. The photo was taken as part of a mural documentation and preservation project. You can find more murals from the dormitory here.

May 2013, 5'x8' acrylic on drywall

Electro- and Mechanical

More on my wordpress blog.

Clutch Yo-Yo

Injection-molded, 50 piece run of a functioning clutch yo-yo.

Junior year at MIT, 2011

Stereographic Projector

A wedding gift designed and constructed to project their profiles. More here.

Summer 2016

Desktop Lathe

Capable of machining better than 10 micrometer precision radially.

Senior year at MIT, 2013


Lightweight, composite hexapods with two degrees of freedom. More here.

Junior year at MIT, 2012


Linkage-based expanding lamps.More here.

Senior year at MIT, 2012

Electronic Mural

An interactive mural using circuit stickers and conductive paint. More here.

January, 2015