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I'm a first year PhD student in computer science at Columbia University and a NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I'm interested in computational approaches to poetic language, in which context, emotion, and beauty are more important than informational content. I want to build co-creative textual interfaces that complement creative writing.


I used to build machines and sensors. I hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT, where I recieved the Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity for my work on soft robotics. I worked at two amazing startups: Rest Devices and Soofa.


I'm also an essayist and poet. My most recent essay, 'Is It Possible for Machines to Translate Poetry, When Humans Can Barely Do It?', was published in Electric Literature. I'm recent graduate of the School for Poetic Computation, where I participated in their 2018 summer session entitled Code Societies.

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