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I'm a second year PhD student in computer science at Columbia University advised by Professor Lydia Chilton. I design computational tools to support complex and creative tasks, like writing metaphors--I want to augment our abilities, not replace them. I'm supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


I used to build machines and sensors. I hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT, where I recieved the Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity for my work on soft robotics. I worked for four years after graduating at two amazing startups: Rest Devices and Soofa.


I'm also an essayist and poet, and I love to draw and paint. I'm a graduate of the School for Poetic Computation, where I participated in their 2018 session of Code Societies. In 2019, I'll be part of Catapult's first 12-month Poetry Generator.

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