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I'm a first year PhD student in computer science at Columbia University. I work between natural language processing and human-computer interaction; I want to build co-creative textual interfaces that augment our writing ability. I think there is something in poetic language that is interesting from a computational perspective. I'm a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and recipient of the Provost’s Diversity Fellowship from Columbia University.

I used to build machines and sensors. I worked at two amazing startups: building an infant monitor at Rest Devices and developing smart city analytics at Soofa. I hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT, where I recieved the Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity for my work on soft robotics.

I'm also an essayist and poet; I have a writer website. You can find my most recent essay, 'Is It Possible for Machines to Translate Poetry, When Humans Can Barely Do It?' here. I have a book of poetry, 'The Woman Invention', forthcoming October 2018 from Finishing Line Press.

You can email me at my first name :)


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