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I'm a fourth year PhD student in computer science at Columbia University advised by Lydia Chilton. I use AI technologies to build tools that support complex and creative tasks, like writing metaphors--I want to complement our abilities, not replace them. I'm supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and the Brown Institue for Media Innovation.


I'm also a poet and essayist. I write about the ocean, our looming climate crisis, my niblings, computational poetry, and the intersection and distinction of the arts and science. I'm working on a poetry manuscript called Dear Ocean. In 2020 I was named a Brooklyn Poets Fellow and I'm currently a 2020-2021 CultureHub Resident Contributing Writer.


I used to build machines and sensors. I hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT, where I recieved the Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity for my work on soft robotics. I worked at two amazing startups: Rest Devices (we built baby monitors) and Soofa (we built smart city furniture).

If you want to collaborate on any of the above, email me > katy@cs.columbia.edu


Computer Science Research

How we can use AI methods to encourage creativity, rather than efficiency?
How do we develop AI systems that are sensible, specific, and safe?
What are new paradigms of AI interaction that respect our feelings of ownership and agency?

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